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Hi there!  We’re Matt and Sarah, founders of LMS.  If you’re sick and tired of all the junky business ideas online, then this will be a BREATH of FRESH AIR!  We’re NOT affiliate marketers, network marketers, or anything you’ve seen before!  We’re a business opportunity with a mission and purpose to help believers and nonprofits which serve kingdom purposes!  Read the information below and then be sure to request our free DVD and book.  Don’t worry, we’ll even pay for the shipping and handling!
Our Story HOW GOD gave us success after Bankruptcy & Foreclosure, through a SIMPLE idea that Helps Organizations Grow!

(But there is more to this than that…  We’re helping Christian Entrepreneurs and Churches as well!)

Read for 2 Minutes and then Request our Free DVD and Book Below! Free Shipping!

Dear Friends,

Here is my story.  In 2007, my family went through some hard times which ended with Bankruptcy and Foreclosure.  (PROOF BELOW)  We were on unemployment. It was one of the hardest times of our lives. What do you do when you have nothing going for you??? You pray! My wife and I prayed and prayed and it seemed like we didn’t hear anything. Then I got Strep Throat!

Thankfully, one day while sitting in bed with a 102 degree fever, I felt like I heard God’s voice in my heart. Of course it wasn’t audible, but I had some direction to starting an online business. This Ad said “Christian Business Opportunity” because I am a Christian. No, I’m not just saying this so you enter your name and email either!!! Actually, I used to be a youth pastor and graduated from seminary back in 1998. My wife and I still attend church every week, and we are heavily involved in serving. I even use my business to help churches!

Why we’re sharing these free resources

What’s the reason for this post? I wanted to share my breakthrough with other Christians as well. I’m not here to sell you something. This business opportunity is just that, a real business. No ebooks for sale and No courses for sale! If you are a Christian and you’ve been looking for a business, I might be able to help. We want to give you instant access to our business model and plan.  I’ll also send a BOOK and DVD copy over to your house FREE of Charge as well.  Yes, we’ll pay the shipping. I’ll share with you my full story and exactly how I run my business and what it is all about.

Christian Business? Yeah Right!

This Ad said “Christian Business Opportunity” because we are believers and our business training program is actually our ministry. For years, I’ve tried to do things on my own and when I had this idea, I knew right away that God wanted me to help fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. So, that is what I’m doing right now! Now, just because I am a Christian, doesn’t mean I don’t take my business very seriously. In fact, as you’ll read on the next page, I take it very serious. Our vision and ministry is to train believers to become entrepreneurs.

You might be wondering about the money I make in my business as well. Right now I’m clear well over $100K per year. You can actually see proof of my income in this video I just made below. Showing $850K since our Bankruptcy and Foreclosure! Nice huh? Again, we’re not promoting money or the lust for the “things of this world”, but money does help us to live better and give more!And no, it isn’t “all about the money” with us! We believe these entrepreneurs will be able to use their businesses to help the local church and other nonprofit organizations which add value to the world.


What’s with the FREE Book and DVD Package?

Yes, we said free! We’ll cover the book expense, dvd expense, and 100% of the shipping charges. The book and DVD is a BLUEPRINT to EXACTLY what we do and how we do it! I’ll send it to you free of charge and as a matter of fact, you won’t see anything for sale on our website as we know this isn’t for everyone. You see, our heart is to share our amazing breakthrough with other Christians as well. You’ll find that this is very different than anything you’ve seen before as there are no ebooks, video courses, or get rich quick products for sale on our website either!

Nope! You’ve NEVER seen anything like this business before!

NOT MLM Related
No Downlines
100% Virtual Business
Low Overhead
Flexible Schedule
High Demand Service


The Undeniable ProofShared Openly Online!

See the $850,000.00 we cleared from home as well as our bankruptcy papers!


A few more things you should know

This business can be run 100% from home or anywhere! And NO, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme! You’ll see that legitimate businesses take work and training. We encourage everyone to pray and seek wisdom from council before starting any business. YES, we do have a special mentoring program available. It costs some money, but to go through it you must have your family’s permissions and pass a detailed application! The majority of people use our FREE training program to help them get started. You’ll see that this is a very unique business model. In fact, we don’t know of any one else, Christian or not, that is offering a business opportunity like this.

As a reminder again, this isn’t MLM, Affiliate Marketing, or anything like that. It does take some work, but a lot less than most businesses and gives much more freedom than a 9-5 job. It does take a computer, high speed internet, and each business owner must be willing to learn our system. Thanks for visiting today, and I hope you enjoy finding more about this opportunity.  We pray God’s favor on your life and future!


Many blessings,

Matt, Sarah, Libby, and Mattie Kate Law

Bonus Resources – Four Part Audio Training from Christian Entrepreneur Peter Daniels

P.S. – Sarah and I have been really FLOORED and blessed by all the social media shares of late. Thank you so much! This allows us to help other start businesses and puts our DVD and book in more people’s hands.As an added bonus for anyone who shares the page or requests the book and dvd, we’re giving away a FOUR PART MP3 Audio program about entrepreneurship. The program is from one of my heroes, Peter Daniels. He shares his story of overcoming failures, illiteracy, and more after coming to know Christ at a Billy Graham crusade. He is one of our heroes and encouraged us to get up after our failures. This audio program will change your life. Instantly available when you share this page or request our FREE Package! Thanks again!

Request your FREE DVD & Book Today!

Free Shipping – Privacy Guaranteed – Bonus Digital Copies

Feel free to post your questions or comments below!

  1. Dave

    Hi Matt and Sarah – I have a question about this. Do you actually ship a real hard copy of the book and dvd program? I am curious because you only have requirements for my first name and email. Thank you.

    • Matt (Admin)

      Hi Dave! Yes, we do ship out the hard copies of the books and dvds. We also send digital copies as well right away. We use email to confirm that we only ship one per household and that is why we ask for first name and email. The next page verifies shipping details.

  2. Lita McKay

    I am a Christian but I am SKEPTICAL – You guys sound genuine but Nothing is FREE! Please expound on what it is you’re selling and the angle. Once you reply I will have a look.

    • Matt (Admin)

      Hi Lita, thank you for your comments. I have also emailed you a little bit more about us, but I’ll try to provide some clarity here for you and the others. Here is a quote from above –

      YES, we do have a special mentoring program available. It costs some money, but to go through it you must have your family’s permission and pass a detailed application! We do provide FREE training as well to many people.

      Since 2011, people have asked us for training. We have two types of training available –FREE Training & our Paid Mentoring Program. Over the years, we have sent out many books and dvds (100% free of charge) and helped many people get started with this idea. They received the resources for free and never paid us a penny. We are able to send these out for free and still make a profit on the training program because some of the people who receive our resources ask us to mentor them.

      There is nothing for sale on our website without an application because we are limited in the number of people we can provide mentoring to. That is the reason for the online application and why there is no pricing on our website. Hopefully that helps!

  3. Lita McKay

    Matt, thank you for your reply and personal email. I am sorry for my rude comment before. I took the dive and requested the resources. It makes more sense now that you have shared. There are just so many of these crazy scams out there now. I like what I see and I have registered for the free classes at the end of October. I pray God’s blessing on you and your family and those two cute kids of yours.

  4. Kyle and Andrea

    Is it me, or are there others who are not getting a confirmation email? It says that the confirmation email was sent to verify I am a real human, but I do not see the email. Just curious.

    • Matt (Admin)

      Hi Kyle and Andrea, you guys are using GMAIL – and unfortunately, you’re getting the email and just don’t realize it. Check promotions and then drag it from promotions to your inbox and you’ll be all set. The confirmation goes out immediately guys and you’ll get an email to verify your shipping, so please add us to your address book or drag us to your inbox from Gmail. Sorry for any delay.

  5. Matt (Admin)

    We keep receiving many of the same questions/comments over the last few days so I’ll go ahead and address them as well as a few others.

    About Faith – We’ve got some hateful and genuine questions about our faith and if we are really Christians. A couple comments as well about how we’re “fleecing the flock”. Guys – the book and dvd are free of charge and we pay for shipping. Secondly, we provide a ton of free training online! I could go on, but if giving away something that helps people makes us “sinners”, then we’re guilty as charged. Yes, we are targeting believers for this business because of our vision to help the local church and nonprofit organizations.

    Various Questions – Yes, we’ll ship everything to you within 7-10 days, but you must request the dvd and book through the form above. The business model serves businesses and nonprofit organizations. We encourage your consultants to charge businesses, but serve nonprofits for free. Yes, we have references, testimonials, and more importantly, a spotless reputation online with our students and clients. Yes, we do make money if someone buys something. Yes, we do tithe to our local church. Yes, we have provided mentoring for free to many people. Yes, we have served in ministry in the past and still do. No, you should NOT buy something from me because I am a Christian. No, God probably didn’t send you here by divine appointment. You are probably here because you spend too much time on social media – LOL! Yes, we do have some free training available. No, we don’t reply to or publish rude comments. Yes, everything is explained in our free book and dvd. Yes, there are limited quantities we ship out each year. Lastly and best of all… I am sorry, but there is nothing I can do to prove my salvation on a website. That one made me laugh out loud. I almost replied to the comment with Christian lingo, but I opted to just delete it.

    Thank You Emails – Many thanks to our friends who have reviewed our information and sent us thank you emails and words of encouragement. We greatly appreciate you all and are humbled by God’s grace on our lives. Our prayer is that you will be encouraged by our story! Again, thank you all!

  6. Matthew Johnson

    Dear Matt & Sarah, I have a question. I confirmed my email and was able to access the private area online. Thank you for sharing the free resources. My wife and I spent a few moments reviewing the material online but we do not see any pricing information. I feel like I would be a good fit for this but I don’t see the cost associated with the business? Can you please expound on this as we don’t want to waste your time. I did sign up for the free class in October as well.

    • Matt (Admin)

      Hi Matthew, I received your comment and email message yesterday as well. Your email message referenced the scholarship program as well as the costs so I’ll answer both of those questions for you. Yes, there is a scholarship program available which makes the lower mentoring program very affordable. So, there is free mentoring, the scholarship, and licensing. The reason there is no pricing anywhere on the site is that we don’t offer special mentoring without a passing application. Programs are based upon the applicant. Once you submit your application, you can view the options available for your situation. We feel like this is the best and most honorable approach.

  7. Sarah (Admin)

    Important Notice– We are receiving a lot of comments right now and many of you are posting your email address and shipping addresses in the comment section. If you want the resources mailed to you, please go through the correct channels and request your book and DVD here. Please request through this system as that is how we confirm your shipping address and mail out the packages. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We truly appreciate all of you.

  8. Antoine

    I filled in the info for the DVD and book but didn’t see the bonus audio program. I had to go back to share the website of FB to get an instant download. I wanted you to know that you didn’t send me the program when I requested the book. Just so you know. Thx for doing this for the peeps of God.

    • Matt (Admin)

      Thanks Antoine, We’ve added the MP3 program to go out by email a few minutes after you request our resources. I checked and saw you got the email, but I published your comment and answered the question for the sake of everyone else. So for clarity, we added the bonus MP3 program to an email that comes shortly after you opt-in. Social shares is instant download. Either way, we appreciate you all. Thanks for all the amazing emails we’re receiving.

  9. Laurna Adevino

    Dear Matt and Sarah, I wanted to write in and say thank you so much for putting this business model and training together. I am very excited and interested and will be scheduling a call with you as soon. I have a couple of questions for you guys.

    a. Can I run this solo as my husband isn’t an entrepreneur?
    b. Can I run this part time or does it have to be full time?
    c. How much can I make my first year – realistically both part time vs full time?
    d. How do you charge nonprofits for your services? Do you give a discount?


    Palm Beach, FL

    • Sarah (Admin)

      Hi Laurna,

      Thanks for your questions. I’m emailing you and publishing the comments because your questions are good.

      a. Every family has one entrepreneur. Matt is our entrepreneur. I am not. We still work together. I am part time, but many people work on their own. It just depends on your situation.

      b. Full time people make more money and learn faster. We encourage that. But there is an exception to every rule. We have had several part timers do very well with this business.

      c. I asked Matt and he said that there is a wide variation based upon effort, skill, training, etc. Our revenues were $58K first year, $149K second year, and $200K 3rd year. We have balanced all of the business based upon our training program as well. Some trainees have made more and others less. It just depends I guess I’m sorry I can be more detailed.

      d. Matt has never charged a nonprofit. In fact, he is helping a new church on Thursday. When you are profitable and successful, our prayer is that you’ll share and help the local nonprofits for free.

      We pray that is helpful to you.


  10. Miguel Desoto

    I just wanted to come back and say thank you! We received our package in the mail today and the kids wanted to open it! LOL! It was like Christmas in San Antonio! Love the wrapping paper job and I wanted to tell you it worked. You replied to my email already, but we laughed so hard at the wrapping paper I had to tell you. You guys ROCK for Jesus!

    • Sarah (Admin)

      Hi Miguel! Thanks for your reply. You know what is funny is that this was Matt’s idea and the first time we shipped the packages out, I had to take them to the post office. I had two or three boxes like the picture below and I had people actually asking me if they could have one, not knowing there was just a book and DVD inside. Matt said that if the people were asking for them, then it must be a good envelope.


  11. I am interested in getting information about what you are offering so my wife and myself can continue to serve others.

    • Sarah (Admin)

      Hi Richard! Just a reminder, to get request the DVD and book, please use the request form here. Your shipping addresses are printed on a label machine and thus the system will add you to the database. We appreciate all the awesome stories and emails! 🙂

  12. Gina and RJ Morgan

    Dear Matt and Sarah:

    Thank you for putting this together. I have been involved in many start up business ideas through the years. I have also seen dozens of business models and I have to say that this is the most organized and one of the best ideas I have seen in a very long time. I wanted to let you know that we received our package in the mail on Saturday and really love what you’re doing. We also love the vision is to help empower believers and help nonprofits. We are registered for the free training in October as well. Again, our sincerest appreciation.

    Rj Morgan

    • Matt (Admin)

      Hi Gina and RJ, thanks so much for your awesome comment and encouragement. We’re excited about what we’re seeing happen with the community. I saw your registration and application come through and look forward to getting to know you guys. Many blessings and thanks again.

  13. Matt (Admin)

    Here’s a few other questions I’ve receivedYes, this business is virtual and can be run from any location in the world with internet and phone access. It is NOT limited to the USA. Yes, the book and DVD is an outline of our model and is training for the program. Yes, there is free training provided. The next class is in October. No, you don’t need to buy anything from us to learn this business and you’ll see there is no option for purchasing anything in the private area. It will take about 7-10 days to get your book and DVD. Yes, we ship real books and DVDs, but you’ll get access to digital versions as well. Yes, some information is kept private on this website due to customer confidentiality agreements that I have. We don’t publish our phone number on this website because we were getting too many calls asking us to explain the business. Our phone numbers, business information, and more proof, case studies, and testimonials are all published inside of the private area and other other websites which you’ll learn about when you request the book and DVD. 99% of your questions will be answered with the book and DVD.

  14. Dear Matt and Sarah,

    I am a nurse and was seriously injured in an automobile accident and am now unable to be hired for a nursing position. All they see when I go to an interview is my limp and my cane. I have been praying that God would send me a way to make some income online, as well as help other people too. Although I cannot work directly as a nurse, my goal is to help others. I have been duped with other work from home scams, so I pray that you are offering a legitimate way of earning an income that is legal and honest.

    Thank You and God Bless,
    Chloe Knudsen. BSN, RN, CPN

    • Matt (Admin)

      Thanks Chloe, you will see that we don’t offer mentoring or allow anyone to spend money unless they pass a detailed application. All business information is offered for free inside of the private area. If you’re a good fit, you’re welcome to apply for mentoring. We said a prayer for you today Chloe, hang in there! 🙂

  15. Ray Mills

    Hello Matt, my name is Ray and I too have a desire to start a home based business. I am a born again christian of many years
    and am as skeptical as the next. I have been looking for a “work from home opportunity” many years and have tried a number of ventures. I keep saying the same thing over and over, (there must be a legitimate opportunity on the net) but can’t find one.
    I hope and pray yours is the one!

    Ray Mills

  16. You are very careful not to reveal any detail about your so called offer. 95% of online offer are scams or pyrimid offers or whatever. Send me an email and tell me what you are trying so hard to hide… and I will reuest your book and video.


    • Matt (Admin)

      Brian, if you don’t want the book and DVD then you don’t have to request it. Someone else will. While it is tempting to get defensive about what we are doing and the why… People can be their own judge. If you want the book and DVD, then request it. If not, no problem. There are several reasons we don’t share everything on this website, including customer privacy. However, that will make sense if you request our book and DVD. Sarah and I gives these away for free and we’re not forcing anyone here.

    • Matt (Admin)

      FYI James, you have to request it – That goes for everyone. We look at comments only once in a while. Please request it by completing the form. Many of you are posting your address here – if you want the free resources, please request them online by filling out the form. Thanks!

  17. Joann

    Hello Matt and Sarah…..I have been checking online for added income and was glad to see your info for Christians as I have left this journey up to God in my prayers. I have read all the info and other comments. So that I don’t waste your money and time will you answer the following for me even though I know that it will be in the info that you will be sending out. Does this involve working with people and businesses and churches. The reason that I ask this is that we live in a very small town of less than 200 people and 2 to 3 hours from larger towns. Thank you and God Bless your efforts. Joann

    • Matt (Admin)

      Hey Joan, yes it is included in the resources, but it does involve working with people, businesses, churches, etc. We are consultants and that is all covered in the book/DVD. You do not have to work with only local businesses. I have worked with clients in Seattle and the UK. It is virtual of course, so don’t worry about the small town.

  18. Carl

    Hi Matt and Sarah I just went thru the steps on ordering my dvd and books great Praise the Lord there are still good Christians doing the right thing helping others I can’t believe some of the comments about one inperticular that stated that nothing is for free my sister suppose to be a Christian to and she says the same thing but what they don’t realize things coming from God’s work is free thank you both I am a disable evangelist I have to use a walking cane and doctors says i can’t work but God says He has work for me on the internet and I believe that is why I came across your website is because God directed me to it May God Bless you both

    • Matt (Admin)

      Thanks Carl. 🙂 People can be critical… but if I stay caught up with what everyone thinks I would not be able to do what we’re doing. Everyone is skeptical I guess. Part of the territory. Some will request the book and dvd, some won’t. It doesn’t really matter to us. We’re praying for the right people. Thx again for the comment.

  19. Matt (Admin)

    Yes, we’re still offering the free resources in 2017. We ship packages out about once per week. Thanks!

  20. jerry

    I am a believer, but I have been scammed before. Being a Christian does not exclude us from that aspect of life. I believe in people and the good nature that God instills in us. What you’re doing is admirable and I applaud you and your family for sharing. May God continue to bless you and the work he has prepared for you.
    Jerry. Pastor and Schoolteacher

  21. Matt (Admin)

    FYI Guys – if you have a detailed question, click on the contact us link at the top. We’re only checking and approving comments here about once every two months now because we’ve received so many. If you’re seeing this page, we have books and DVDs in stock and are giving them away. We’re not trying to cause a theological debate here about business and Jesus. We love entrepreneurship and want to see Christian entrepreneurs win. You can request the book and DVD package. If it isn’t for you, you can pass it along. No hard feelings either way! Blessings and thanks for visiting today!


  22. Matt (Admin)

    As of 2018, we are still sending out packages. If you have a question, please use the contact us link at the top as we’re only replying to comments about once a month or so. Thanks again for your interest. FYI – We also created a free information package which is available for instant digital download that includes the book and DVD content. This way you can review the information faster. We are still shipping out hard copies of the book and DVD however. Blessings and again, thanks for your interest.

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