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UNIQUE Business Model that Helps Businesses and Churches


Our Story HOW GOD gave us success after Bankruptcy & Foreclosure, through a SIMPLE idea that Helps Businesses Grow!

(But there is more to this than that…  We’re helping Christian Entrepreneurs and Churches as well!)

Hi there!  We’re Matt and Sarah, founders of LMS.  If you’re sick and tired of all the junky business ideas online, then this will be a BREATH of FRESH AIR!  We’re NOT affiliate marketers, network marketers, or anything you’ve seen before!  We’re a business opportunity with a mission and purpose to help believers and nonprofits which serve kingdom purposes!  Read the information below and then be sure to request our free DVD and book.  Don’t worry, we’ll even pay for the shipping and handling!

So why are we GIVING AWAY this valuable package to Christians?

It goes back to our story!


Dear Believers,

Here is my story.  In 2007, my family went through some hard times which ended with Bankruptcy and Foreclosure.  (PROOF BELOW)  We were on unemployment. It was one of the hardest times of our lives. What do you do when you have nothing going for you??? You pray! My wife and I prayed and prayed and it seemed like we didn’t hear anything. Then I got Strep Throat!

Thankfully, one day while sitting in bed with a 102 degree fever, I felt like I heard God’s voice in my heart. Of course it wasn’t audible, but I had some direction to starting an online business. This Ad said “Christian Business Opportunity” because I am a Christian. No, I’m not just saying this so you enter your name and email either!!! Actually, I used to be a youth pastor and graduated from seminary back in 1998. My wife and I still attend church every week, and we are heavily involved in serving. I even use my business to help churches!


Why we’re sharing these free resources

What’s the reason for this post? I wanted to share my breakthrough with other Christians as well. I’m not here to sell you something. This business opportunity is just that, a real business. No ebooks for sale and No courses for sale! If you are a Christian and you’ve been looking for a business, I might be able to help. We want to give you instant access to our business model and plan.  I’ll also send a BOOK and DVD copy over to your house FREE of Charge as well.  Yes, we’ll pay the shipping. I’ll share with you my full story and exactly how I run my business and what it is all about.

You might wondering why I’m promoting this ad to Christians. For years, I’ve tried to do things on my own and when I had this idea, I knew right away that God wanted me to help fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. So, that is what I’m doing right now! Now, just because I am a Christian, doesn’t mean I don’t take my business very seriously. In fact, as you’ll read on the next page, I take it very serious.

You might be wondering about the money I make in my business as well. Right now I’m clear well over $100K per year. You can actually see proof of my income in this video I just made below. Showing over $750K since our Bankruptcy and Foreclosure! Nice huh?  Again, we’re not promoting money or the lust for the “things of this world”, but money does help us to live better and give more!

The Undeniable ProofShared Openly Online!

See the $750,000.00 we cleared from home as well as our bankruptcy papers!

A few details on our Christian Business Model

The business can be run 100% from home! The business model also offers a lot of free travel as well…. as you’ll see on the next page. Travel is optional of course!

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme! Actually, I encourage other Christians to stay away from business opportunities like that. My business is a pretty unique model. In fact, I don’t know of any one else, Christian or not, that is offering a business opportunity like this.

Let me assure you that this isn’t MLM, Affiliate Marketing, or anything like that. It does take some work, but a lot less than an 9-5 job. It does take a computer, high speed internet, and each business owner must be willing to learn our system. I will also tell you that in 2009 & 2010, I coached 8 other people to do what I do, and they are all doing very well also!

If you’d like me to send you your book and DVD, just enter your name and email address and you’ll instantly receive my book and video online as well as through the mail.  We don’t sell, rent, or share your info with anyone. We’re not Spammers either! If I follow up in the future, just click the opt-out button to be removed.

Thanks for visiting today, and I hope you enjoy finding more about this opportunity.  We pray God’s favor on your life and future!

Many blessings,

Matt, Sarah, Libby, and Mattie Kate

P.S. - Sarah and I have been really blessed by all the shares on Facebook of late.  Today we were able to give away more than 50 DVDs/Books without spending much on marketing because of you guys.  This helps us reach others and also be a blessing to others. As our way of saying “thanks for sharing” we’re going to add a special postcard with the package for all of you who share this on FB.  Even if you don’t want to start a business, perhaps there is someone you know who will see the post.  Again, we’re humbled and thankful for you all.
Request your FREE DVD and Book Today!

Free Shipping – Privacy Guaranteed – Bonus Digital Copies

Simple Privacy - Contact information is used for delivery of the business information only and never sold, shared or rented.  Any future email communication is compliant with all FTC regulations and will contain a simple one click removal option.  No credit card details are received on our website.  The DVD and Book are offered as a FREE SERVICE as part of our vision and purpose of equipping entrepreneurs and improving the lives of Christians, the body of Christ, and nonprofits who add value to the world.

Got a Question?

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30 thoughts on “Free Book & DVD

  1. Matt (Admin)

    Hi guys,

    Now that the site is live, I thought I would remind everyone that I’m happy to reply to comments. I’ll try to check in every few days give replies. Feel free to ask any questions here or post any comments. All comments are held for moderation. We’ve already received several hundred requests for our book and dvd. FYI – we have a shipment coming in on the 12th of August and will get those out to you right away. Many blessings guys and thanks for checking us out!

    • Steve

      Matt, seems there is an issue with the next page. It isn’t letting me confirm my shipping address for the book. Any help here?

      • Matt (Admin)

        Hi Steve, I had that fixed for you. Sorry about that! You can now confirm and download the business plan as well. Blessings!

  2. Theo

    Hi Matt and Sarah,

    First of all, thank you for sharing this. In is 4am and I’m fired up. I am a retired pastor from a small town in Texas. What you have put together is amazing and very powerful. It took me 20 minutes to find the ad so I could come back here to say “thanks”. I look forward to getting the dvd and book.

    In his service,
    Pastor T

    • Sarah (Admin)

      Hi Pastor T, I saw your email come across this morning. I’ll be sending you an address confirmation in a couple of days and we’ll get that shipped out soon. We don’t expect books until the 12th and we’ll have your package out. Get some sleep now! :-) God bless you!

  3. Satan is Lord

    More ignorant !@#$ christ followers being duped! Christians are the most idiodic people in the world. Uneducated, broke, and always beggin for some freakin help from someone. Get a life you !@#$!@#$. Why don’t you !@#$ !@#$ !#@$ you dumb !@#$. God isn’t real you !@#$ !@#$. I hope you rot in hell but the only problem is there is no such place! ha-ha. What do you think about that?

    • Matt (Admin)

      Dear friend of Satan,
      You probably didn’t think I would publish your comment. I decided to do it anyway. (though I probably won’t publish more hate mail) I’ve made a few modifications so our site is family friendly. While some Christians might not be educated, and I do not have a formal collage degree, that doesn’t mean that they are ignorant. I also no many professional people who are Christians, and formally educated including my wife and doctor to name a few. People like you are the very reason behind our vision. The ignorance isn’t with us, but with your view of the world, God, and life in general. Apparently you didn’t watch the video or look at our papers. Did you see the free shipping? How are people being “duped” by requesting something for free with free shipping?

      Thank you to the rest of you who send us the many awesome emails of love every day. Sarah and I are cheering for your success!

      • Sarah (Admin)

        Amen honey!

  4. Steve

    Hey, does anyone know what this is about? I can’t seem to find anything on them online? It is hard to request something you don’t know anything about or am I the only one thinking this? Not trying to be negative, but there are a lot corrupt businesses out there.

    • Susan Cantano

      I was wondering the same thing. We need more details Matt and Sarah.

      • Susan Cantano

        Never mind, I didn’t see the box at the bottom when I posted a comment which says, “Matt, please send me an email with… ” so I ended up getting an email about an hour ago with a link to request the DVD/book. I decided to check it out and here is what I get. Basically, Matt is giving away his business plan and processes on how he helps businesses. There are a lot of videos and instructions on the next page which I’m still going through. I’m not sure how this works with the church. From what I’ve read, they are Christians and the faq page discusses how they are using these methods on the local church to help them grow. There is an online version of the book and DVD which I’m going to check out later. I’ve been looking for something to do while the kiddos are in school. Good luck everyone.

      • Matt (Admin)

        Thanks for sharing Susan. I appreciate what you said about us. Really nice! Ok, to answer your questions, we’re a small company guys – 3 people total. I started with just me, and now I have a wife who helps and one other guy. We offer some consulting and a few other services to local businesses. We don’t share that information publicly, because we don’t want our customers to see this website as then they would know the “how”. We provide a full outline of what we do, sample training videos, and free webinars for those looking at this business model. There are no books for sale on this website, no dvd courses, and no monthly membership sites. This isn’t mlm, network marketing, affiliate marketing or probably anything you’ve considered. They way we do it is 100% unique.

        What is included in the private area, is an outline for a business that anyone can run and how we do it. Yes, we do have an optional “mentoring” program which honestly isn’t for everyone. Sarah and I realize that we’re helping many people get started with this who never contact me for mentoring. We share the services inside of the private area and inside of the DVD and book because we want to help people. This is why we ship for free and pay for the book and DVD, which isn’t cheap! Because some people contact me for mentoring, I can afford to bless the rest who take our model and do it themselves.

        Lastly, Susan you probably haven’t seen the webinar, but that spells out our vision for the church and nonprofits. Basically, our heart and vision in a nutshell is to help fellow believers become strong entrepreneurs who are successfully running their online businesses. As they are successful, they have time to serve. The same services we use on business are applicable to nonprofits. Our prayer is to raise up entrepreneurs who can then use their resources and knowledge to help nonprofit, churches, and organizations who do good in the world. Thus far, we’ve helped pregnancy centers, orphanages in Africa, and dozens of local churches through just a few guys I’ve mentored in the last 3 years. If you don’t like the business model, the book or DVD, no harm done. Use it to start a fire to keep your home warm this winter. I hope that explains more. Sorry for the long reply.

      • Sarah (Admin)

        Well said honey! Good job!

  5. Don

    Thank you! Someone finally shares. I’ve been to the site about 15 times thinking about it and the last comment explains a lot more matt. I just requested the DVD through fb and confimed my address on the next page. I got an email from sarah stating that the stuff would ship in 3-4 days? Where is the online stuff you guys are mentioning? I don’t see that anywhere on the site. please help

    • Matt (Admin)

      Hi Don, check your email. Once you confirm your address, there is an email with a big blue button that says, confirm email and request dvd. Once you click that, we know your address is correct. The next page is the free stuff that Susan was talking about. Blessings man and contact us if you don’t find that email.

  6. Michael

    Hi Matt, I found you on Facebook tonight and I’ve been on the website for 2 hours reading everything. I must say that I am impressed. First of all, thanks for sharing your story with us. I see that you served in ministry as well in the past. My wife Sharon and I were youth pastors in Tampa for a while. The reason for my post is that I have 2 questions. First of all, you show in the video on the information page $60K the first year, (I think that is what you said), I know you were full time, but how much is realistic the first year if you have a job? My second question is about the realistic start up costs I’d need. Any help with that so I can share with the wife?

    Again Matt, thanks for sharing this information and if you have some time, I’d love to get together for a cup of joe!


    Mike Smith

    • Matt (Admin)

      Hi Michael, sorry for the slow reply. I also wanted to let you know I read your email you sent. Thanks for your encouragement about our story. :-) We feel very blessed.

      To answer your questions, $58,000 and change was our first year, but I did say $60K in the video in the private area, you are correct. It was almost $60,000. I didn’t know what I was doing back then, but I was fortunate to find my virtual staff early on and found some good ones. If you follow the plan laid out in the book and keep growing, a driven person could probably do $20K to $30K part time your first year. Not much, but it gets better. That would be having maybe 3-4 small clients. While some have made more, I encourage people to set realistic goals, especially if they are doing this part time. It depends on the person really. In 2010, we did $200K with only 7 clients and a very light work load, so it depends on who you’re helping. I tend to charge businesses more and donate my time and services to the church as you mentioned in your email.

      For the start-up costs, it would depend on your home office. I took a lot of the stuff I already had after the BK that was left over from the mortgage company I talk about in the DVD. So, my costs were low. You really don’t need much to start, but you should expect to pay monthly $100-$300 per month for about six to eight months until you land clients. So, you can start with less if you have available cash now. Otherwise, I’d save a couple of thousand dollars for your overhead while getting the business going. This is for your phone, email, hosting, and the other tools I mention in the webinar. Having a good computer helpful and high speed internet, but not much more is needed. I saw your email about having coffee as well, and perhaps we can do that if your in Orlando in October. You’re welcome to stop by and see what we’re doing anyway. Send me an email please to discuss.

      Again, thanks so much for all you said in your email. I pray this works out for you!

  7. Raymond Burton

    Hello sir, I’d like more info please. Please send it to me at Raydog30@yahoo.com. Thanks!

    • Matt (Admin)

      Raymond, please request the DVD, book and online training through the form above or through one of the social media accounts. It would take me forever to send these out one-by-one. The system we’ve set up with allow you to view the resources online and also request them to be mailed to you. It takes about 30 seconds. Thank you for understanding. Thanks for all the comments guys and nice emails we’re getting. It is encouraging that there REALLY ARE Christian Entrepreneurs out there!

  8. Ed

    Why is this available only to Christians? That seems unfair to others who may feel excluded.

    • Matt (Admin)

      This is a great question Ed and thanks for your comment. I’ve actually helped mentor people who are not believers. Also, most of my customers are also not believers! But this site is part of our vision and what we believe God has called Sarah and I to do. Some will grab hold and change their lives, some will post hateful stuff, and some will just pass! You who are believers reading this know that Christian Entrepreneurs are a rarity in the world. But for those we bless with a free DVD and book at our expense, (100 page book and full shrinkwraped DVD) we want to be believers because we want them to step out and be entrepreneurs. Even if they don’t start a business like this, I know our story encourages people to step out in spite of the storms.

      Part of our vision and what we do is how we make money through businesses so that we can help the church and nonprofits for FREE! People come here all mad like I’m charging a small church thousands of dollars – Nothing of the sort. Most guys who run a business like this make money from business clients and then turn help churches for free. You can read the Frequent questions on the next page if you’re curious of the vision and once you find out more about us can see how that works. Good question though and in the future I’ll put that on the page above.

  9. John Harding

    My question is how much of a buy in is there?…I am poor…really poor…my wife is disabled and I haven’t been able to land steady work in years. I have to beg on the street corner to make it from the tenth of the month to the third of the next…in despair…would your business make sense for someone on rock bottom?

    • Matt (Admin)

      Hi John, First of all, I’m sorry to hear you’re going through hard times. Really, I am.

      Honestly, this business (and any business) takes capital to start. We went through bankruptcy, and I didn’t have much money, but I did have a few months of time. Everything I made I put back in. While this business take less than most business start-ups, it still takes money, even if you never are mentored by myself. However, what is FREE is information and education. You’re welcome to request the book and DVD, but I’d probably say that you shouldn’t start any business or spend any money on anything or with anyone until you get on your feet. What I would suggest is spending money on gas going to the library when you can and reading about business.

  10. Nathan

    You mentioned in your comment to the Satan follower above that you had no formal college degree. But in part of your explanation about why you are doing this, found above, you say that you graduated form Seminary in 1998. Can you help me understand the discrepancy? Forgive me for being skeptical but that’s a very hard discrepancy to overcome. Any thoughts?

    • Matt (Admin)

      Hi Nathan, valid points. I did graduate from a 2 year seminary, but not accredited. No math, sciences, or language. Sample question were like this. True or false – Jesus died for my sins. While it was life changing for me, it didn’t help with running a business. So, yes I have a seminary degree, but I don’t count that as an education, but more of an extended bible study. The education I do have is from reading and learning, which I’ve done since 1998 when I graduated.

  11. Matt (Admin)

    Guys, I just replied to a bunch of comments from over the weekend. I did delete a few comments because they were saying stuff, like “send me a copy” or something off the wall. As an FYI, we had an issue where some of the states were wrong. This is fixed now, so if you left a comment about that, it was fixed this morning. Blessings!

  12. Kim

    I still have not received email and it has been well over and hour still waiting

    • Matt (Admin)

      Hi Kim,

      I’m going to try to figure out why you are not getting the email. You guys should check your extra tabs in gmail as well as a possible spam folder. Please feel free to let me know if it is hitting spam and I’ll try to adjust that. I’m sorry that you guys haven’t received the emails and we’ll get on that. P.S. I checked and did see the emails coming through, so I’ll email you all a link to confirm later today or tomorrow. Sorry again! ~Matt

  13. william Hodges

    I sent the request but never got the confirmation email?

    • Matt (Admin)

      Sorry William and everyone else. I just heard back that everything is fixed now. If you didn’t get a reply, please go into email account, check your spam folder and also check your labels in Gmail. I’m positive that 2 emails are going out for confirmation. Sorry again for the troubles you’ve had today. :-) I appreciate your patience everyone.

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